Turn, Baby, Turn! (doorknob inferno)

You know when you go over to someone’s house and immediately compliment their sensational doorknobs? Yeah I didn’t think so. When it comes to modern design, doorknobs are completely overlooked. The current application of this particular home fixture is focused entirely on functionality rather than style, which renders it visually as dry as your Wonder…

Aloha From Hell

My original vision of turning this half-acre into our own private midcentury tropical oasis was obviously stronger than my common sense. Because if I saw the original property listing now, I’d scream “Run! Run away!” to my husband, and yank out the power cord on the laptop.

Dig Those Fringe Benefits

Remember the days when patio decor was fun and exciting? When chair cushions were covered in colors and floral patterns so vibrant they could be seen from space? Sure, the bare aluminum framework of those early sets probably scorched the hair right off your arms on hot days, but who even noticed when you were lounging…

Life’s a Breeze-Block!

If there’s a single midcentury architectural design element that makes me squeal like a polyester-clad teenager at an Elvis concert, it’s the breeze block. Depending upon your geographical location, you might also know these as screen blocks, decorative cinder blocks, hollow concrete blocks, textile blocks, Besser blocks (in Australia) or architectural blocks. But regardless of…

Make a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul

Well it’s officially summer and if you’re anything like us, you have no less than 472 warm-weather-dependent house restoration projects on your list. So what should you do first? Forget all those and spend a week meticulously crafting a tiny replica birdhouse of your 1965 ranch home, of course. 

You’ve Got Mail. From 1965.

Remember when you received mail that you actually wanted? Yep, those were the days. Those were actually the exact days I was dreaming of when we first bought the Retro Ranch and I discovered that it came with the original 1965 galvanized steel mailbox crafted by Leigh Building Products and approved by the Postmaster General himself.